If you’re in retail – why didn’t you write about Target Canada?

Funny enough, I did.

It is still sitting, unpublished, in my drafts folder.


Well, Target closing up shop was a really big deal. And I have friends and former colleagues who worked at the head office. The abruptness of the announcement, the magnitude of lease locations vacated, debts unpaid and employees out of work, the speculation about how clearance sales at 133 stores would affect the rest of the retail industry – was a story that no one would leave untouched, unreported, un-dissected.

What happened with Target wasn’t necessarily a surprise. But if you’re like me and the people I know, you take your business to heart. You really own it. You’ll do whatever’s in your power to make it work. If it struggles or fails, it may not necessarily have been your fault, but it’s still very much your problem.

So I didn’t hit ‘publish,’ because we were already up to our necks in reporting and commentary. I had many things to say, but the people I know didn’t need to be reminded by me how the company they worked for failed them, and all of us – while they were processing their own future.

Now that it’s been a few months, I still get asked for my thoughts on what happened with Target Canada – and I’m happy to share. I’m also happy that to report that the people I know who worked there have all found jobs. Nevertheless, that draft may never get published. It’s fine where it is.