About Me

I’m the co-founder of Lean In Canada and a retail professional with over a decade of experience spanning product development, merchandise financial planning, and category management. I enjoy business strategy, planning, data optimization, and creating things that make a difference in people‚Äôs lives. In my off-hours, you can often find me exploring the evolving restaurant scene in my beloved home city.

What gets me going? The ability to help people perform at their best, to make their working lives easier and better by building and providing the tools they need to succeed and grow. I find great satisfaction in building businesses with teams of passionate, highly engaged people.

In this blog I talk about leadership, retail, and user experience. I also highlight other notable women I know (of which there are many!)

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  1. HI Sarah,
    I reached out to you on linkedin; I represent speakers for events and conferences. I’d love to chat – if you are interested that is. Thanks!
    Robert Abrams, President
    Big Idea Speakers Bureau, Inc.
    647-349-idea (4332).

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